The Importance of Black History Month, From My 6 Year Old

February. The shortest month of the year and yet within the Black community, such a pivotal month; celebrating, embracing and raising awareness of people who made/make an impact on our history. I think we can all accept the importance of Black History Month and Black history in general, but how do we broach the subject to our kids without making it too overwhelming, yet also explaining its very importance and complexity? This week on the blog, we check in with our resident Kid Specialist aka Neveah, to see what she thinks about it all. Check it it out!!

Black culture has become more and more important to me, the older I get and especially since having my daughter. I have always made it a point to buy her a balance of books, ensuring she gets some with a mixture of cultures, colours and races- because like we’ve said before representation matters. At the end of the day, all I am seeking is to reflect the world in which she lives but also her direct family as we are proud to be one of so many mixtures! On top of that, I want her to realize the work and struggle others went through in order for her to have some of the things she currently has- it has all come with some sort of sacrifice. Here are some of the questions we asked Neveah.

Q: Why do you think we need Black History Month?
A: We need it because it helps us to remember the Black people who made a difference when Black people were slaves.

Q: How does it make you feel when you hear about all the unfair treatment people who weren’t White received in the past?
A: Sad, because I don’t understand why people were mean because we are all the same- if people realize that then we could all live in peace.

Q: Do you have a favourite Black History Inspiration?
A: Not really…I do kinda like Rosa Parks, because she stood her ground for the right thing.

Q: What does Black history mean to you?
Celebrating the people who fought to make things equal for everyone.

Q: How do you think we should celebrate Black History Month?
Hmm, by inviting lots of Black people that we know and have a party.

Q: What’s the saddest thing you heard about Black History?
I try not to think of it too hard.

Q: When you hear the word “Celebrating Black History”, what does that mean to you?
Having a celebration about them, because there were lots of heroes who wanted things to be fair

Q: Do you ever feel different because you’re half Black and half White?
No, not at all. I feel glad that I’m a mix of both.

I have always loved inspiring people to feel like they are unstoppable and sharing the hard times, but also their successes is such a great way to bring things into perspective for us, no matter what we are going through, we can persevere because our history has been one we had to fight for. Anything is possible. How do you discuss the topic of Black History? What are some of the ways you “celebrate” and honour the path paved for us?

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