Monthly Roundup: March 2020

We’re all fully aware that last few weeks and let’s face it month hasn’t been some of the greatest and I’ll fully accept that the inspiration well ran fully dry. I was hit with a major dose of self-doubt and just couldn’t be bothered anymore. Some of it was weather related and some of it was more personal. It’s funny how the thing that relaxes you and bring you joy can sometimes be the very first thing to disappear when you hit a rut. So! I’m happy that the bug has re-bit!

I purposely made this shot B&W because I wanted to focus on the detail and texture of the bark. Sometimes, even if the colour version is pretty, stripping it back and keeping it simple is what makes me love this photo so much. I snapped this shot very quickly on our daily walks in order to keep sane and didn’t think much about the shot, but while editing, I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. I also edited the same image, but in colour- check it below.

As the weather begins to warm up, it’s one of the best times of the year, for the return of the sweet sound of birds chirping 🐦, nothing marks the beginning of spring like seeing the geese return. Well, maybe their poo is a bit of a downer to try to avoid stepping on, but I was able to get a few shots without ruining my shoes. #winning

“Bark 2”
There is something about the colours we can find in nature, the depth and variety of colours that can be found always surprises me. So, I felt I needed to share what caught my eye on about this tree. Isn’t it so pretty?

“White Oak”
I will admit I snapped this shot without actually knowing the name of this leaf/tree, I loved the shape it took as it was moving in the wind 💨. Ultimately I had to google it in order to find out the name of the leaf. ☺️ I wanted to keep the shot simple in terms of the colour- I took it in a kinda grey day and it was a bit on the blue side- but it will came out nice.

One of our favourite walks we enjoy taking is walking past the massive church near us. On the front lawn, it has a massive statue of Jesus which my daughter finds a little intimidating. On one of our walks as the sun was setting, I loved how the halo was lit up with the trees in the background so took the shot. I didn’t do much in terms of editing it as I wanted it to be more like a silhouette and didn’t want the details in the face of else I would love the details in the trees in the background.

I will admit I’m not really a fan of this shot, I can list at least 5 issues I have with it, but moving along!!! I really liked the composition- with the lines the fence created and the lines of the crossing. Sometimes there is random symmetry in things.

This is an abandoned house/shack near us and though it can be a bit of an eye sore, it looks nice in B&W and almost gives it a rustic feel.

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