Thirteen Chapters

We all have our roles within life’s story,
It just so happens that yours took up thirteen chapters in my book,
Thirteen chapters of dreams, hope, laughter and most of all love,
We were there for each other,

Through distance, age and other partners,
For me, you were always my destination,
We took the leap and made the plunge,
We meant something to each other,
We meant everything to each other,
But the pages, became worn, weathered and began to rip,
Discoloured and faded words,
Lost passages,
Then, I began to pen my story without you,
With fear, worry, but also with renewed hope and positivity,
The time has come to start a new book and change authors,
This time you will guest star, no longer central to my development, but still important,
Working on me, for me, which is the most daunting, but illuminating process, but I can already see its effects.
I embrace chapter one of loving me.

December 2019- R1

Reference: Illustration by: Pri Barbosa

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