Teenage Love

It’s hard to take a step back, when you’re seeing yourself through everyone’s eyes.

The everlasting couple, never separating one without the other,

The odd standard of longevity when in fact things weren’t what they seemed,

They ooh and ahh over your love story, yet you can’t quite seem to understand what the rom com is all about,

You live together, you know each other so very well and in some cases too well,

But how do you tap back into the freshness, the all encompassing rapture that was the love of your youth?

The constant thinking about them, the impatience to see them again, the loving every aspect of them

The feeling of never being satisfied with what you got, always wanting them more

They say love changes, from friends, to lovers, to strangers,

Knowing each other so well, yet so very little,

Where is the freshness of youth? The passion and protection that once existed?

Can you ever tap back into that fountain?

Or has too much time and space elapsed?

September 2019- R1

Reference: Illustration found on Pinterest

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