The Big Chop: Falling Back in Love With My Afro

Okay, okay I raise my hand up 🙋🏿‍♀️, I’m a product junkie- especially for Afro hair products. I can’t help it, I am always on the hunt or look out for that “magic product” my hair just can’t do without and if I’m super lucky one that works on both mine and Neveah’s hair. See? There is logic to the madness, but saying that after +7 years of being natural you’d think that I had a proper routine and some key products locked in. Nope. Quarantine got me taking a scissor to my hair and decided to start again…ain’t no time like quarantine time, right? So I’ll be attempting to document my hair progress after the big chop and the products I already own (and yes some I bought) and how they worked in my hair. I will offer this major info, I am in no way a hair expert and am only sharing my journey thoughts- some or none of this may help with your hair, it’s all about exploration and discovering what your own hair can do/handle. Hop on the train and read on!

Firstly, let me say it here so that it’s in writing and then I can be held accountable…I WILL NOT STRAIGHTEN MY HAIR WITH HEAT AGAIN. Phew! That was easy! Let me tell you why. I have pretty easy hair, it thrives when you leave it alone and sometimes the “dirtier” it is, the nicer it looks. #don’t judge. That being said, when my hair gets straightened, it becomes extremely fine and thin and thus breaks much much easier than normal. Back in July 2019, I decided 😵 (on a whim) that I wanted to do a length check and booked an appointment to straighten my hair and while this wasn’t the initial problem, maintaining the straighteness was tougher and as much as I used low heat- I damaged my hair none the less. So after months of overthinking and wondering how long I would wait for it to get back to its natural state, I bit the bullet and decided to take the scissors to it. Now, before you think of this as dramatic 🤦🏿‍♀️ (because it kinda is), keep in mind- it’s 2020, the majority of us are/were quarantined in our houses and I supposed I reached the stage where I was like “Yea, why not?”. Also, I have no idea when we will be allowed to get out of our houses, let alone visit a hairdresser, so yea- I took it into my own hands. Besides, it’s only hair- it will grow back again🤷🏿‍♀️.

Trying to get back to this level of health…

My hair in particular, gets dry very easily, so I find myself, reducing the number of products I use and increasing adding moisture in the simple form of H2O and then sealing it with a twisting cream and then an oil based product. That has been my go to for the past 6+ years and I’m sticking it it. LOL. I’ve also come to realize that my hair likes to be left alone, I’m a huge consumer of natural hair videos and bloggers and it’s super easy to get caught up and then get full on hair envy. Sometimes that can be hair because there are some serious hair goals floating around the internet, but it doesn’t mean your hair isn’t goals as well. Give yourself time to get to know your own hair and love it for what it is, nothing is wrong with your hair and your journey is yours alone. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else, it won’t help. Everyone has their own process and their own preferred way of taking care of their hair and there is no right or wrong way- it’s all about finding your own formula. If there is one thing I suggest, get a routine and stick to it, consistency is the key- one of my hair challenges is to be more consistent with adding in an oil routine, I will be making a mixture and plan to put it in my hair every other day, the recipe is above- I will admit that I am not using this exact combo, but something very close to this.

Products I Am Using:

Melanin Haircare: I have long been a fan of Whitney’s and was super excited when she launched her hair care line, let me tell you- not only is this a family business, it’s female- run, it’s Black owned too! The twisting cream is a little heavy for my hair, but it gives a very good definition on your twist outs. The Leave in Conditioner is honestly a magic product, it has been one of the only product that has proved to detangle Neveah’s curls, but also hydrates my hair as well. On top of that the oil is non-greasy, has an amazing neutral smell and it genuinely locks in the moisture in your hair. This is one of my favourite brands by far- it’s just a shame it’s an American company so it may end up costing more to buy- but I tend to stack up, in order to make it worth it. Definitely give it a try!

Up North Naturals: One of my goals in 2020, was to shop more “locally” and especially as the pandemic has grounded life to a halt, it’s even more important to support local businesses and to shop Canadian. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across this brand, not only are they Black owned and female runned, THEY’RE Canadian?! I mean, I have no excuse not to support them!

Shea Moisture: If you know, you KNOW- Shea Moisture is legitimately amazingness in a bottle, I’m not going to lie- it’s not cheap and when you need 3-4 different products (shampoo, conditioner, twist cream, oil) when it’s selling for $13 each, it can add up, but let me tell you- if you want your hair to be healthy, you can’t put crappy products in your hair- that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. This is a much more established brand compared to the two previous ones I mentioned, so they have a big product line and based on your hair type- they have something for everyone! I use their Coconut Shampoo for Neveah’s hair and I love the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line on my hair.

Water: I’m sure you think I’m nuts, but good ole H2O is essentially the best for you hair, whether it’s for simply to rehydrate your hair or to detangle it, water works a charm. Increasing the amount of water you drink, helps as well, but trust me when I say- actually spraying and incorporate water into your hair routine, does wonders. I am on the hunt to find water based hair products, so watch this space, I will get back to you on this one!

I guess the point of this post was to share what I’m putting on my crown, but also to encourage you if you’re on a natural hair journey, don’t get discouraged and don’t be scared to try new things (styles/products), because in a lifetime our hair can change for so many reasons, so what worked in high school may not work any more! Share with us your hair pics. Did you resort to drastic measures like me?!

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