Our Fashion Favourites

Fashion! Lights! Fashion! So we’re definitely not fashionistas, but we do love to get dressed up (going nude would be illegal) and we like looking cute and stuff. It’s also been a few months since we’ve done a fashion post, so here is another one! On that premise, we thought it would be a nice, light blog post to look at our favourite fashion finds within our wardrobes, but also because with the lock down we may or may not have been doing some online shopping…so instead of keeping it to ourselves why not justify the purchases by sharing them? See what we did there? So, read along and enjoy this fun blog post!

R2 Fave Fashion

YIKES! Fashion. Fashion and I have a love/hate relationship. I’d love to tell you that my fashion sense is this, or that, but if I’m being honest with you, its all over the place. I like to be comfortable, but I also like to look good (lol). I have a few go-to outfits that I tend to flock to, whether that’s in the summer, in the fall or winter, they have a place in my heart. I guess you could say that my fashion sense can take on a more conservative stance from time to time, with a hint of a classic throwback, whether that entails me wearing something with a VERY cute collar, pattern etc. Both R1 and our mom make fun of me for being picky, as they see something that they believe will look “great on you!” but my insides are screaming “run!”. Maybe it’s because I doubt the way my body will look once I have the item on, and that form of insecurity overshadows my ability to even take the leap and try the dang thing on. But that’s me! I don’t think that I am alone in this feeling, but it’s definitely something that I’ve been trying to work on throughout this time of pause. Trying to encourage myself to step out of my comfort zone more, and try on or purchase the top/dress that looks appealing, but doesn’t exactly scream my name. It may just surprise you just how good you look ;).

Colour: OK! Anyone who knows me, knows that black is not a colour you see very often within my wardrobe. If I’m wearing black, 1) someone died, 2) it’s a leggings, 3) it’s underwear… so technically you can’t see that last one ๐Ÿ˜. I love me some colour! What can I say. Bring on the reds, blues, yellows, burgundy (one of my favourites!). I know that black goes with everything, but there are so many options that go with colourful items as well. I’ll be honest with you though, I’m not one to jump right on that colour-block band wagon, but I’m just shy of it. Perhaps I’m still boring there, but I like the simple things in life and the subtle colours.

Little Things: I’m a sucker for the little things. The small details. The intricacies. If you tell me that a dress or skirt has pockets, I’m sold. I’m more likely to have a wedding dress or a dress change ๐Ÿ˜‰ and pockets WILL be featured. OH! And polka dots, birds, butterflies… I’m in heaven when those are around.

Practical: I’ll admit it. I’m like an old woman when it comes to fashion and being creative with the clothes that I wear. I’m stubborn. I don’t like to fix what I don’t deem to be broken, so there it is. My fashion style can be practical. If it’s a colder day, your more likely to find me wearing a cute skirt, a top or a sweater and cool shoes/boots. Nothing too fancy, but 100% me and my favourite seasonal style. FALL FASHION! #comfyalltheway

R1 Fave Fashion

Personally, as I have gotten older, I have also gotten more “flexible” and “fun” with my fashion, I don’t take it as seriously as I used to. And I try not to over think and analyze how I’ll be perceived, I dress with my emotions and how that piece makes me feel on that particular day. Clothes trigger emotions, be it from a memory or simply how the outfit makes you feel and I think that’s important. It’s imperative to have items in your wardrobe (should be all) which lift your mood and make you happy. For me, that’s with the use of colour, patterns and personality. I barely or don’t own dark items and I have slowly began mixing and matching patterns and prints (I just now need to be brave enough to fully rock it outdoors). Since moving back from England, I had to streamline a lot of my clothes and if I’m being honest, there was a lot of things I didn’t take with me (some of which I regret), so the last few months being in quarantine has allowed me to reassess my wardrobe and see what things I’ve been lacking and well, allowing me to expand my wardrobe again. Trust me when I say, we definitely know our mailman! But, one thing I will be much more conscious of- is to shop locally and to visit my local thrift shop much more. Fast fashion is quickly becoming something I am uncomfortable giving my money to and I also want to know that I have made a difference (on the environment/waste reduction), even if it is small.

Colour: I’m not a typically casual dresser, I realized since we are on lockdown and aren’t going anywhere- I am severely lacking in my loungewear collection. Saying that, when I wear a “simpler” outfit, I tend to use colour as a way to personalize it. I tend to find really cutesy and some may say childish items interesting, but it’s kind of become a trend, so meh. Like the top I’m wearing the above photo, I have one like that with nail polish, one with Elmo and I could very much go on…lol. Moral of the story is: don’t be afraid to play around with colour and prints! Make it fun, make it funny and maybe even make is a talking point! It genuinely hurts me when I see someone wearing black from head to toe, because there is literally no end to the choices of colours you could be wearing!!! Why limit yourself?! Really, why?

Accessorize!: I love, love, love accessories! They complete and add to an outfit, even if it’s something you have worn often, adding a different accessory can make it look brand new. You can even use accessories as a way to add that pop or personality to any outfit. For me, earrings are by far my favourite accessories, they are full of colour, lots of different shapes and sizes and well…they have to be pretty. But, I have also began playing around with head wraps as well, not only are there endless possibilities, there are many ways to wrap them, but they serve a dual purpose of protecting your hair. Win win if you ask me.

Details: Similar to R2, I am also a sucker for little details, I’ll gladly purchase a simple top if it’s got some gorgeous detail along the collar or the sleeve. Something about that makes it classy and timeless and I guess those are wonderful adjectives to have attached to your clothes. You could be wearing the most simple outfit, wearing an item with cute details- can totally flip the overall look of an outfit. I also think these little details, are what make your clothing unique and sometimes specific to you, like they say- the devil is in the details. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We’ve chosen items which not only spark joy, but they also kinda have their own story, but also looks you don’t have to think too hard to put together, because some days you simply don’t have the time or the patience. At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and confident, but most importantly you need to feel yourself, so tap into those emotions and simply go for it! It’s literally only clothes!

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