For years I would have denied it,
Suppressed the feelings and shoot you down,
But as I get older and possibly more mature,
I realize that that through it all, I have simply been longing…
Longing for someone I can trust explicitly,
Longing for someone to love me unconditionally,
Longing for someone to be my person,
Longing to fully let my guard down,
For years I thought someone would do the work for me,
I would meet the right person, who would unlock me,
But what I needed was to be that person for myself,
Step into my true self and let it take its own course,
Be myself, speak my truth and if I’m not enough,
Then I can hold my head up high,
but still longing to be seen…

R1- July 2020

Illustration by: Vassilis Antonakos ART

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