Product review: Edge Naturale

For a long time I have had hair loss or lack of growth on the front edges of my hairline. For the longest time, I was self-conscious about this, but I wasn’t very sure how to go about getting the hair to regrow. Of course, I tried different things; massaging oils, trying to inject moisture into my problem areas- but nothing worked. So when we were approached by Edge Naturale, I was hesitant because it meant I would have to show this hair thinning and well, that’s not neccessarily an easy thing to do. But, given some of our goals this year, 1) to work with brands 2) to work specifically with Black owned brands and even more of a bonus if it’s female lead- this offer became too good to turn down and if it helped to regrow my edges then it would all be worth it!

Edge Naturale. R1 brought this product to my attention, to help me with my edges. They have been a straight-up struggle for me, for as long as I can remember. My hair grows, then it gets caught in my extensions and goodbye hair! I must say, when she handed me the container, I was a bit sceptical as I have tried other products and have barely seen any results. And to think, that you only require a small amount to apply to the section of choice, peeked my interest.

I started off applying Edge Naturale, both in the morning and at night before going to bed. Then I moved on to applying it at minimum once a day. To say “WOW”, is a bit of an understatement. I noticed the change within a few weeks (2-3 weeks). My edges were GROWING! I no longer felt self-conscious about the mild bald spots that were once present at the forefront of my head. My mom (though, I think she may be biased in this regard lol) she noticed the difference/growth almost instantly.

I was not too sure I noticed the change, as I was afraid to embrace the possibly this product was actually working for me! But she quickly put my mind at ease, when we looked at the picture I had taken before applying Edge Naturale compared to how my edges looked at the present time.

What I liked:

  • the lack of a strong smell
  • you only need a small amount
  • the price is very reasonable
  • packaging is simple and clean (not busy or overly complex)
  • Black/female run

Would I recommend the product?:

Without a doubt, despite receiving this product for free in order to give an open and honest review- I would definitely buy this product. If simply for the fact that it worked. There is no better marker for success than that! Sometimes you also just have to give things a chance and stick to it because it may be a “quick” solution for some but for others it takes work and consistency. The reviews online are very very good and in some ways we can be skeptical, but take it from a cynic- it genuinely worked for me.

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