This may come across like a dig,
But please know, I do not intend for it to be so,
I am happier,
Without the stress of knowing the next time you will become the worst version of yourself,
I am happier,
Not having to be on alert for any sudden changes,
I am happier,
Knowing it wasn’t my job to do the work for you,
I am happier,
Feeling content within my skin,
I am happier,
Knowing I did the best I could,
I am happier,
Seeing the fruits of my labour,
I am happier,
Knowing I am a good mother,
I am happier,
Knowing I chose to put myself first,
I am happier,
Feeling lighter,
I am happier,
So much happier….

R1- July 2020

Illustration/Artwork by: anml

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