This Is Going To Hurt

This one’s gonna hurt.
I can already tell by the way you look back and smile at me,
The glint in your eye and the smirk, registering,
Or the way you cradle my face,
Your fingers slowly tracing the edges of my chin,
This one is going to hurt me…
From the number of hours you occupy my mind
To the way I feel when I am not around you,
Thinking of ways to let you know,
But either way it’s going to hurt,
You shot into my life like a lightning bolt,
Shocking the parts of me I thought had died,
Bringing laughter and the youthful fun I needed,
This is going to hurt,
From the way you swirl around in my mind constantly,
How I look into your eyes and feel a safety and settling in my gut,
This. Is. Going. To. Hurt,
Sept 2020- R1

Illustrator: P Y E

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