Fall Fashion Finds

One of my favourite seasons is fall; from the changing colours, the crisp air and the euphemism of the changing seasons- there’s something about the feeling of newness that gives you a warm feeling. Or maybe it’s the excitement to pull out our warm knits and wrap up into something soft and inviting. This is especially the case when it comes to fashion, it’s the lovely trench coats and boots look- it’s such a fun time in fashion to play around, but also still inject colour into your wardrobe! So, because I have been slowly adding to my closet (moving forced me to purge majorly and regretfully), I figured it would be a slight change up to show some of the fun pieces I have picked up in the last couple of weeks and some of the places I found them! Read along to find out!

I suppose the right thing to do would be to prefix this with the fact that I am in no way a fashion expert, I merely enjoy playing around with clothing and well…we all kinda need clothes on our body, especially when it’s getting colder; If you live in Canada, you know,..😏 That being said, I feel like I kinda know a thing or two about what looks good on my body and I have become a lot more evolved in my fashion over the years. I’ll also admit that though I am trying to shop more sustainably and to be more eco-conscious with my purchases, being in the middle of a pandemic has made it a little bit more difficult to try new brands. I have sought out Canadian brands and tried to be sure it didn’t travel too far to get to me, but I would be lying if I said that this was the case for every piece purchased. I did try though and will continue to.

If you’ve read our previous posts on fashion, then you will know, we love a good accessory, you literary can’t go wrong and can add so much to an outfit. So, this fall I was determined to get a hat of some sort, because it’s totally hipster vibes, but also because it kind of adds a really cool air of sophistication to an outfit. I was lucky to come across this this cute set of accessories- all together these were under $60 at Winners Canada. It’s one of those places where you can find a bargain, if you look but at the same time you kind of have to be impulsive and go with it, because you may not see the item again! My dad loved hats and as a kid I used to really love playing with them, so I supposed it’s a throwback,

R2 gave this skirt to me and I have been waiting months to pull it out of the closet, it’s a faux leather, but it’s also super high waisted, so I decided to throw it on with a cute thin top and essentially roll the top up, in order for it to look shorter. I am 5’1, it doesn’t take much to make me look shorter and having a skirt that goes past your knees will shorten you. Plus, tucking it in would leave a odd crease through the skirt and I wasn’t feeling that. So, I took a deep breath and pulled it way up. This look is literally perfect for the office, but also it’s not too “stuffy” and as I don’t wear black very often, I needed to inject some colour and or pattern.

Places to check out

It should be said throughout the quarantine, it became a little trickier to shop, because it was/is pretty much all online and you don’t have the option to try something on and then return it (or it’s a bit more complex- I haven’t tried it). One of my missions was to be more conscious where I spend my money and to also try to add to the local Black economy. Despite the pandemic, we still found some really cool Montreal companies, we thought we would share!


I bought 2 items from them, the blazer in the upper shot and the bodysuit in the above photo. I actually stumbled on this brand and was in need to update my office wear and they have some very awesome options. The service was quick, smooth and great; they even offer local contactless delivery anywhere in Montreal/Laval. Honestly, I felt taken care of but also equally proud that I was putting money in the pockets of a small and local, Black owned, female run business.


I came across this fun, current and fashionable brand from a Facebook group I had recently joined, I haven’t yet made any purchases, but it’s super fun and trendy. With a really cool array of fun tees, which I definitely need to update in my wardrobe!

Divineity Girl Apparel

Listen, for many years now, I have been majorly jealous of all the beautifully detailed and prints of Ankara fashion. Well let me tell you!! I have not only tapped into my African side (that’s for another post), I have found a cool Montreal company which sells super fashionable looks with those prints! I am on the hunt for a gorgeous jumpsuit for my birthday (Covid will not take away from me getting dressed up with no where to go) this brand may just have the one I am looking for, At the moment, I haven’t bought from them, but I definitely intend to and will keep you posted once I do.

Fashion is meant to be fun, practical but also playful- no matter your age and the older I get the more I am holding on to being more myself and also being more fearless in my choices.

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