I Knew

When did I know?

From the first time I met you and my heart began to flutter.

So nervous, I couldn’t stop talking, because I felt comfortable and safe.

I knew, when I couldn’t bring myself to look in your direction, for fear of giving away how I felt,

I knew when you listened and you shared the softer sides of you,

I knew when you made me laugh, a deep gut laugh,

Smiling at shared experiences but also our mutual understanding,

I knew when you gave me a hug and I couldn’t help but melt into you,

I wanted more, but I played it coy and hid my face,

I knew when you sent me a message, counting the days till we saw each other again.

I felt seen for the first time in a long time,

Catered to, admired and all the while desired,

Respected and respectful

I knew when you cooked for me, your attention to detail and the way you moved so comfortably,

I knew when the look of concern and care came over you from my asthma attack,

I knew when you reached over your hands and caressed my knuckles as we drive,

You ask me how I knew, I just knew…

R1- August 2020

Illustrator: Tirza Design

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