I see reminders of you everywhere I go,
From the frog coloured car,
To the sound of an over revved engine,
Little thing I take note to tell you later,
A reminder from a previous conversation flutters in my mind
And I smile,
You are constantly with me,
Even though you’re not by my side.
The thought of seeing you sends flutters to my stomach,
Giddy with excitement and anticipation.
I just want to be wherever you are,
I want so much to be a part of your life,
Your world.
I want to tell you,
But the flutters return and I swallow them down,
A music floats past my ears,
And I smile, thinking of you,
You are in every tree that dances in the wind,
In every sports car that wizzes by,
They imprint on me like markers…all of you,

Illustrator: Pinterest

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