Night Friend

The night time is the worst,
I can almost feel the loneliness begin to creep its way as soon as the sun sets,
Feeling like no one cares or thinks about me,
After all my duties are done and I sit alone,
Surrounded by 4 walls and no one to talk to,
What do I do?
Who do I turn to?
Who looks after me?
The night becomes my friend,
I anticipate his coming every night,
Like a highly anticipated enemy,
But a welcoming friend,
Tears of sadness stream down my face,
But I welcome them,
Each drop is a release,
Feelings of not being good enough drop with them,
Feelings of feeling unloved, burst away with them,
Feelings of fear push past a corner of my heart and slowly erode,
The night is my friend, but it isn’t always welcomed.

R1- September 2020

Illustrator: carolinemorin

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