Car Parts

I count the miles until I get to see you again,
Watching road after road roll by as I get closer to you,
The revving of engines match my heartbeat,
As more pavement peels away in the rearview mirror,
My excitement mounts, knowing I am one step closer to seeing you,
Counting the miles and moving towards you,
Traffic lights and stop signs are merely pit stops to my destination,
Lane after lane, gear after gear,
The excitement and anticipation builds,
Does the feeling dissipate?
Or does it shift up into a new gear?
The sounds of our engines, circulating faster and faster,
As I pull into my parking spot,
My heartbeat pounding in my ears,
I lick my lips in anticipation and crash into you…

September 2020- R1

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Good Hands

I think about you and the sides of my eyes crinkle as I smile,Your name flashes up on my phone and instantly my heart rate increases. I am in good hands, Steady and safe,I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel it in my gut,Be it the ways in which you give me…

My Irrational Thoughts

I’ve begun to recognize a pattern within myself, and despite being able to know that it’s not stemming from actual reality, what I have found is that’s it’s harder and harder for me to stop my mind from spiraling. May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears. Nelson Mandela Typically speaking, I am…

I Settled

I realized the other day,That I settled for people who didn’t truly love me,I bore myself, Ripped wide open with the blind belief that love would see me through, Only to be left shattered and broken,I settled for charlatans, Men who were unwilling to truly share all parts of themselves,I pushed aside my doubts, Took…

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