I often think about the roads that lead us to each other,
The miles and miles of distance we crossed,
For us to chance upon each other,
The lives lived, the failed relationships,
To bring us here. In the now.
I look in your eyes and wonder about the heartaches behind us,
For me to be so lucky to have you in my arms,
The tenderness between us,
How many broken moments lead us to be this open with each other,
The fights and long nights,
For us to show vulnerability and honesty,
I think about the countries we came from,
The things that needed to line up, just right,
The timing, the notifications on our phones,
It all just fell into place,
Knowing it would lead to you, I would cross that distance again and again,
I would go through the pain and sadness, again and again,
If I knew that it would lead me to you,
I would cross the miles it takes to get to you,
You, you are worth the miles…
October 2020- R1

Illustrator: Society6

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