I don’t know how you do it, but you make it all so easy,
Smooth transitions into missing you and seeing your face,
From the way you lightly glide your hands along my legs,
To making me laugh so hard I might cry,
How I look over at you and instantly I feel at home,
How my walls crumble down,
I hand over my resistance and succumb to all that you offer,
Because I already know I will forgive it all,
Because you won’t give me something to forgive.
You are steady and reliable,
Because you hold no judgement and are so very patient,
You hold me with steady arms and whisper,
I am here.
Because I feel like we’ve met before,
A familiarity and a comfort unlike one I’ve ever known,
Because you accept me for who I am,
And encourage me to see myself like you do.
So easy to fall in love with you,
October 2020- R1

Illustrator: Pinterest

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