I forgot what it felt like,
to laugh,
Not a low chuckle on your own,
Or a small smile stretching across your face,
A deep, body contorting laugh,
A laugh shared with someone else,
One that is felt so acutely, tears expel from your body,
Laughter where you actually feel your mood lifting,
Changing your chemicals,
Transforming the composition in your veins,
I forgot what that was like,
You brought fun, a lightness, a connection I didn’t expect,
I have laughed uninhibited, open, loud and snorting,
A youthful fervour I had gotten disconnected from,
Taking life for what it is, yet laughing throughout,
I have laughed where my face hurt and my stomach sore,
Tickling, teasing and wrestling like small children,
I am my most at ease and myself when I am laughing,
Giggling and kissing as we tumble onto the bed,
Laughter that literally awakens you…
Oct 2020- R1

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