The other day, I marvelled at the beauty of a tree in the autumn light,
Its red leaves glowing in the distance,
I stopped and smiled at nature’s beauty,
But also at just how contrasting the red was against the sky,
I vowed to return in a day or two to take its picture,
Except the next day, none of the leaves remained,
Not a single one,
I felt a pang of regret,
I should have taken the picture when the tree had caught my eye,
But mostly because of just how painfully sad it was at the swiftness of losing its leaves,
One minute full and radiant and the next minute,
Not a single leaf remained.
Everything in nature is hanging on a balance of fragility,
Often times we forget, we are of nature and therefore we are hanging in the balance,
At that, I reminded myself that next year, I will have a chance to photograph that tree in its brilliance,
And this time, I will be ready to capture its beauty in the autumn light
But may this tree be an example to simply live life,
Because no moment can remain the same.
R1- Nov 2020

2 responses to “Fragility”

  1. Amen on living life because no moment will remain the same.

    Liked by 1 person

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