How Do We Practice Self-Care?

Self care, self care, self care- the word is constantly floating around all over the internet; it can take on many different forms for many different people. For some it’s far closer to the definition of the word and for others, it’s basically shutting away the worries of the world and giving yourself space. At the beginning of the pandemic, when we naively thought this would simply be a few months of lockdown and we’d be back to living life as we knew it, we wrote a blog post about the things we were doing/taking up in order to keep ourselves sane. At the time, I had recently moved back from England and was living with our mom and R2, so quarantining wasn’t as “tough” as we had a lot of late night chats and movie marathons. This time around, I have moved out, most of us are back at work, be it remotely (if possible) and life has kind of moved on a little bit. We wanted to revisit our self-care routine as it definitely has evolved.

Self Care:
Doing things that make you feel more like yourself.

R1’s Self-Care List

I’ll start of by saying that I am extremely lucky to have time carved out in order to do things which relax me or that help to simply keep me calm and relaxed. Once my daughter goes to bed around 8:30, I tend to use that time to catch up on blog things, but what I make sure I do often is clean my face of the day’s mess and moisturize with coconut oil. Adding to this, I feel it should be mentioned that self-care can encompass many different things. The real meaning of self-care, the way I interpret it- is doing anything which resets you or makes you feel more like yourself. I have a variety of things I can and do tap into in order to relax and rest my mind.

Reading : I have a huge and ever growing list of books to read and with my focus on reading books from BIPOC authors, it seems like the list just keeps getting bigger! But, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’m actually really looking forward to it! Loving discovering new authors, but also exploring so many diverse storylines! Reading has been a wonder source to calm and relax me, but also to take my mind off of my worries and anxieties. Books, were one of the things that held my 2020 together.
Writing/Blogging : I know I’ve said this often, but writing is really a source of relaxation for me, arranging the words on the page, finding the right way to say it, or how it sounds, tapping into the emotions of it. I really love it, but it also allows me an escape and a form of expression. I love words, I love finding new words, looking up the meaning of them- all of it! No wonder blogging found its way to me!

Everyday is a fresh start.

Face masks : This one is right up there with what we typically associate with self-care; doing face masks have been so relaxing for me. I normally do it along with a manicure so the process is not only relaxing, but it’s also really nice to reset you for the upcoming week/day and also a way to simply celebrate your body/skin. I use the opportunity to properly cleanse my face and also to add moisturizer. I genuinely find the routine very relaxing and sometimes really important that I take the time for myself.
Laughing : This might be a bit of an odd or non traditional one, but I cannot attest to how much laughing has added to my self-care. I mean, we all know just how good laughing is for the soul, let alone the body, but it’s been so wonderful aligning with people who are on the same wave, but also who make you laugh, big deep belly laughs. I have been missing it so much in my life, but also in the bigger picture, joy is so vital to your well-being and I literally only want to be around people who bring me joy. Simply put.
Photography :
I think just having the ability to be creative is a great thing. Having the space to explore my creativity but also having someone/people who encourage and support you in that is so fulfilling.

Do things that make you feel good; mind, body and soul.

R2’s Self-Care List

Ah, self-care…This has been really important for me over the past three years or so. I began to see just how important it was for me to take time for myself and myself alone. To get lost in the process of just reflecting on who I am and what the day brought me. 2020 was a bit of a whirlwind and it definitely tested my patience and determination to prove not just to myself, but to those who are near and dear to my heart, that I care about them and they will not be left alone in all of this pandemic madness.

MUSIC : If you know me, you know that this is constantly at play in my life. Whether you find me singing a song, humming a tune, listening to music in the car (which is a MUST) or playing the piano for some down time, music is a constant. Sometimes you may not have the word to express how you are feeling, for WHATEVER reason and for me, music always finds a way of just settling the nerves and the unknowns of this world.
MOMENTS OF PAUSE : For me my moments of pause are surrounded by the time I take to pray. Whether that be a few minutes in the AM before I start my day, to the prayer I say at night before I drift off the sleep, moments of pause are very much needed in my book. As a University student, I constantly feel as if I am being split in a hundred different directions with assignments being due, life and work. Taking the time to pause is vital to just refocus your mind and settle your constantly overbearing heart. Pause. Smell the roses. Smile at a stranger (through your mask šŸ˜‰ #fact: your eyes smile).
READING MY BIBLE : I know that this may not be for everyone and that is okay, but for me, this is a form of self-care. It’s how I reconnect with myself and God. Sometimes you may think that whatever it is you are going through is bigger than you or complicated and then it just hits me. Others have had it much worse, or even they dealt with it by doing “xyz”. Your self-care doesn’t have to be calculated, it just has to be meaningful to you.
Baking : Oh TREATS! I LOVE baking! The moment I feel overwhelmed, stressed or have exams coming up or even when exams are over, baking is my go to! It’s not just an escape for me, its a place where I get to be creative, experiment and just learn, without the stress and pressures of needing to be perfect. Yes, with baking can come precision. But it also comes with creativity and a shift in your focus. You are no longer focused on the deadline you have looming, or the unknowns around the corner, because you have a tasty treat waiting to be devoured.

Self-care is how you take your power back,

-RELAXATION/MEDITATION: (I’m trying to do this more) i.e., work on my breathing techniques

Self-care is what you make it. If it requires that you treat yourself to some treats like the picture above (thank you dear friends for knowing me SOO well šŸ˜‰ you know who you are!), to having a tea time every evening, the ball’s in your court. I can’t define what self-care means to you. That is where YOUR power lies, because its YOUR self-care to behold, not mine. What we can do, is let you in on what we do, to take of ourselves, and hope that you find what works for you.

xxx RnR

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