Can I Miss You?

You read the texts that say that you should be comfortable being alone,
Yet that doesn’t stop your feelings of loneliness,
Can I miss you?
To sniff the air that remains upon your leaving?
Replaying our conversations, rolling and dissecting them in my mind.
Am I allowed to miss your presence?
Don’t fill your void with someone, they say,
But, how can I not when you are slowly healing the broken parts of me?
How can I not when you occupy so many corners of my mind?
The majority of my time is taken up by thoughts of you?
I’m supposed to be strong and independent,
Uneeding someone,
How can I feel such a need, a thirst
I am constantly thinking about you, constantly
In my moments of doubt and insecurity,
I wonder if you feel the same,
Can I miss you?
R1- December 2020

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