Deep Gut

For the first time, I got this feeling,
A sudden realization that I love you,
I felt the ground beneath me move,
Like all of my lenses were in sharp focus,
A punch in the gut,
Gasping for air,
The love that will hurt,
You have so quickly been wrapped into my world,
I can no longer see it without you,
I can predict what you will do,
I smile at the thought of it,
And chuckle when you confirm my thoughts,
A shifted focus,
Cogs realigning,
Things coming into view,
I knew love could be expansive,
Make you dream, make you step into the life you wanted,
But I never knew it could make you meet you,
You make me want to be a better person,
You support my dreams,
You encourage and challenge,
You ask revealing questions,
You listen, most of all you hear
You see me for who I am and you accept me,
With a calmness I can only dream of,
You meet my overthinking mind with rationale and humour,
You are patient, most of all,
You are kind.
April 2021- R1

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