Favourite Part

I love laying on your chest,
So expansive and steady,
Wrapped in your enveloping arms,
My thoughts still,
I walk my finger down your chest to my favourite part of you,
The curve of your back,
My hand fits there perfectly,
Tracing circles,
I drift and all my thoughts melt away,
I kiss your shoulder,
Land my finger into your belly button,
Your leg pins me to you,
Claiming me as yours,
I place my hands around your face,
Your beautiful golden eyes look back softly,
They’re also a favourite part,
What do they see?
I nibble your ear,
Perfect for my mouth,
Lay kisses across your brows, down to the tip of your nose,
Our fingers woven together,
As my lips make it to yours,
Another one of my favourite parts,
Warm, welcoming and soft,
We meet and I melt into you,
That’s my favourite part.
April 2021- R1

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