I know you will dismiss it when I tell you,
But you are a treasure,
Your patience and willingness to help never ceases to amaze me,
Your smile and laughter lights up the room,
Your gentle touch on the back of my arm reassures me,
Your soft caress as we drive in the car,
All things, I treasure and think of fondly,
Your always ready to step in and offer extra support,
You are a treasure,
You carry my things,
You are always looking out for my safety and well-being,
You reach back and pull me up,
You put yourself in harms way to protect me,
Yet, you hold my face in your hands,
And I know then that I am treasured,
Your kisses landing on the tops of my shoulder,
Your hug melts my insides,
You are a treasure,
A diamond in the rough,
Someone I value, respect and admire,
Someone I deeply love,
You are my treasure.
May 2021- R1

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