Our Life Altering Playlist

The suns out, the vitamin D is on tap, summer vibes are fully in the air and what screams summer more than blasting music from your car as you cruise down the road? I am that person who cannot put the car into D until there is music coming out of my speakers. I don’t know where that cam from, but music is very important to the both of us for many different reasons. This week on the blog, we thought we would create a lighthearted post on some of the music that has inspired us in our lives, whether it’s to make changes or to simply motivate us. Read along and see if we share some faves!

Where words fail, music speaks.

We’ve blogged before that music to us is a form of therapy, whether it is the artist or the meaning behind the lyrics; we are full on music buffs, and we don’t discriminate regarding most genres. If a song moves us- it’s a fave, just that simple. A few of years ago, I was doing a lot of soul searching, thinking about the life I had and the life I really wanted to lead. I was making assessments about the changes I felt I needed to make in order to achieve a semblance of that as my reality. Lizzo’s debut album had just been released and I had already been loving her song “Juice”, so I took the leap and bought the album. I remember the morning so clearly, the song “Good As Hell” came on. The lyrics instantly hit me in the chest:

Got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you
All the big fights, long nights that you been through
I got a bottle of Tequila I been saving for you
Boss up and change your life
You can have it all, no sacrifice
I know he did you wrong, we can make it right
So go and let it all hang out tonight’Cause he don’t love you anymore
So walk your fine ass out the door

I genuinely felt like she was talking to me in that moment, the lyrics were describing something I had been tossing over for weeks, if not months. I promise you, in that moment, when lyrics hit my consciousness, I realized I needed to make the change for myself. Just so that I could feel myself again, but also so that I could breathe again. I recognize the song didn’t do much, but it gave me the energy and the drive to push forward, I know I had to ultimately make the change at it wasn’t merely a song, but every time it comes on, I smile to myself because the song changed my life. Around the same time I heard the song “Courage To Change” and this one made me weep. The lyrics, ” Have I the courage to change“, I interpreted that as have I the courage to make a change? If I no longer liked the situation I was in, did I have the courage it took in order to make that change? The answer was yes, the funny thing is, at the time once I had made up my mind- I didn’t feel scared or worried, I felt a sense of calm. Maybe it’s because I had been churning over it for so long that my decision felt like a release. Either way- those 2 songs definitely lead to me making a major 180 in my life and for that I am grateful.

Some faves:
Sia- “Courage To Change”
Pink – “Courage”
Lizzo – “Good As Hell”
Katy Perry – “This Moment”
Pink & Willow – “Colour Me in Sunshine”
Katy Perry- “Rise”
Lennon Stella- “Kissing Other People”
Tori Kelly- “2 Places”
Sara Bareilles- “Brave”
Tough Love- “Jessie Ware”
Jann Arden- “Good Mother”
Maren Morris & Hozier- “The Bones”
Pink – “That’s All I Know So Far”
Tekno, Lord Afrixana, Mr Eazi & Yemi Alade- “My Power”
Sam Smith & Demi Lovato- “I’m Ready”
Lennon Stella- “The Fear Of Being Alone”
Mike & The Mechanics- “In The Living Years”

My music tastes ranges from “you need to listen to this”, to “I know, please don’t judge me”.

To say that my musical tastes varies, may just be an understatement! You will find Christian rap (but only a handful, I’m extremely finicky when it comes to rap), to country (again selective is I!), to what most my deem alternative or even gospel. When you are caught up in a song that it sweeps you into another world, there’s no point in trying to define what type of music you like most, because I’ll be honest…I’m all over the map 😬

Riley Clemmons- Fighting For Me (Piano Version)
We The Kingdom- God So Loved (Acoustic/Recorded live)
NF- Time
Consumed By Fire- Learning To Love
Consumed By Fire- Moving On
Maverick City Music- Come and Behold
Maverick City Music- Promises

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