Whatever you are feeling in this very moment,
Just know, you deserve happiness,
The anguish, the enveloping darkness,
None of it will remain,
Just know, you deserve happiness,
No matter how many people you choose to push away,
Some will leave and some will remain, but the fact is,
You still deserve happiness,
Not the temporary fleeting kind,
But the one deep in your gut, the satisfied kind,
Do not mask over it,
Or find short term patches,
Seek out the real stuff or the authentic persuasion,
Just know, you deserve happiness,
Even if your refuge isn’t with me,
At the end of the day, all I want is for you to be content within yourself,
Actively seek out the life you desire with the one you desire,
I will smile a sad smile, but a smile nonetheless,
Because don’t we all deserve happiness?
Sept 2021- R1

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