I hate the way this makes me feel,
A deep yearning for you,
Seeing you, being around you,
It’s one thing to feel it, but expressing it
Only seems to make me feel clingy,
Like lint stuck in Velcro,
Pulling it away but some always remains
Clingy, like hot air in a cold room,
Your breath lingers even though you aren’t there,
I feel you in everything,
My thoughts are with you in everywhere,
Clinging to every fabric of my day,
As the days roll on, I wonder what it will take to draw you back to me,
Ever so practical, diligent and hardworking,
I just wish you included me in the list of things that mattered to you,
Clingy like little cat hairs on clothes,
Brushing them off, but never getting it all,
I’ll be there, I want to be there, but can I remain on the fringe forever?
Dec 2021- R1

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