On Silent

Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com

I wish I knew what it was like to be smothered in your attention,
To never go a day worrying or wondering how you feel about me,
I wish I could tap into a reserve of the feelings you claim to have for me,
To focus solely on myself and not yearn for someone so much you have to be around them,
I wish I knew how to be so singularly focused that,
I never consider someone else’s feelings
To walk daily in my routine and be contented in that,
I wish I mattered enough to you that you would move mountains to be with me,
To carve out minutes of your time for me,
I wish it didn’t matter so much,
Or that the ripples aren’t felt as deeply as they do,
I wish you loved me enough…
Oct 2021- R1

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