Protecting My Peace

I don’t know what is happening on your side,
Or if you’re going through something,
But what you need to know is that I will be protecting myself,
I have allowed you to take up so much of me,
That I no longer know how to sit in my feelings,
While you carry on as if I don’t exist,
Complete silence,
Like we haven’t intertwined our lives in the past 2 years
I am choosing to protect my peace,
Because I cannot allow you to disregard me any more than you have already,
Not only feeling disrespected and hurt,
But I thought I knew you better,
I thought I saw integrity and communication,
Instead I am met with cowardess and silence,
So from here on in,
I shall take the higher road,
My well-being is of the utmost importance.
Jan 2022- R1

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