What If You Were Your Own Hype Person?

You’re that friend, the one everyone calls, the one who is there with words of wisdom and encouragement or simply to lend a listening ear, the one who is cheering on your squad, but how often do you do the same for yourself? On the back of last week’s post, this week I will discuss us being our own cheering squad and the positives that will definitely come from it. Read along with us!

Last week’s post was an interesting one for me and while I was writing it, it got me thinking about the way we think about ourselves. The fact that we can be our family and friends’ BIGGEST hype people, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to minimize all of the things we bring to the table. So, I thought I would flip the script so to speak and ask the question, what would happen if we were our own hype people? How would we change the narrative in our minds when it comes to how we look at and speak about ourselves?

When it comes to self care, we hear it all the time, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and normally it always refers to looking after yourself physically, but we ALL know the importance of how we speak to ourselves. How often do we use kind words when we think about how we look, our past decisions or rethink the way we look at what we have instead what we don’t? Cheering on ourselves and our victories, no matter how big or how small? Often times as women, the narrative seems like we have to be steel-faced, show no weaknesses and juggle it all, all while remaining humble, fresh faced and optimistic. We can’t be too egotistical or sing our own praises, you know, women have to do it all but most of all be humble. But I say forget that! Our roles have shifted in so many ways and have remained the same in many others; so shout your accomplishments from the rooftops. You worked hard for it, didn’t you? Who is it hurting if you talked yourself up for a change? You do it for others, you give your time, putting yourself second, sometimes last, so for a change. Do it for yourself.

I wanted to feel love without feeling like I was begging for it.

If I can allow myself to be fully candid, when I was hired 2 years ago in my job, it was with the expectation and the premise of a promotion. This has been a role I have been working towards for the past ten years. As a single parent, this would be a huge opportunity for me, but a couple weeks ago, it became much closer to a reality. Instead of me embracing it and being proud of myself for one of my goals being one step closer to becoming a reality, I began to panic. Fear got in my way, I overthought it all, questioned if I really deserved it and in some ways I began to self-sabotage. I’m not saying that I’m not still experiencing imposter syndrome, but I tried to rethink how I was thinking about myself. I told myself what I accomplished. Look at how far I have come. The fact that I have reshaped my life and made some hard decisions, but at the stage I am in my life. I can only be proud of myself and the life I have built for myself. It’s not that I won’t meet obstacles or challenges, it’s just that I need to be much more conscious and specific about the way I speak about myself. So, I want to rewrite the way I speak about myself. I want to be my BIGGEST hype person. I have to be, at 37- I have come so very very far and the best part is, I know it’s just the beginning! 😀

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