The Things We Don’t Say

I often wonder about the things that swirl in our minds,
The ones we’re too scared to say out loud
Not so much the secrets, but the vulnerabilities,
The things we wish we could formulate words with ease,
The ball of internal anxiety,
The well of self-doubt,
The tangible fear of rejection,
Now what would we do if we could just let it all go?
If the fear of vulnerability didn’t exist,
Would we capitalize on the opportunity of time recaptured?
Or would we spend it foolishly on another frivolous mental expense?
Where would I be if I hadn’t wasted time in my life with or on certain people?
Would the events of my past have shaped me any differently?
Can I gain strength, by speaking my mind more freely?
Without fear of hurt feelings or dislike?
Is the feeling of being entirely true to yourself better than placating someone?
All the things we never say, constantly come to mind,
Missed opportunities and connections,
Taking a deep, deep breath and I will take the leap.
March 2022- R1

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