The Goals I Have Been Too Scared To Put To Words

Goals, goals, goals, some of us have many and some of us don’t have any. For the most part I have always had a general idea of what I wanted to do with/in my life, but I have never really overtly shared my LIFE goals, that has always been a little more scarier for some reason. I can do the yearly goals but life ones seem so much more important, I’ve always sort of kept them low key and to myself. But, as my 40’s seem to be approaching faster than I’ve anticipated, it’s gotten me thinking a lot about my goals. So this week on the blog, I share some of my main life goals; here’s to achieving them🤭!

Hustle in silence, don’t let people know what you’re doing… bla bla. Whatever it is the peanut gallery might add to try to stunt your progress. And while it might be well intended because people want to avoid a public disappointment- at the end of the day the facts remain that you have to do you boo. Simple as that, besides if you have a great village- it may some help from said village to achieve those goals. As let me tell you, as a single mom, I definitely need my village. It might take some preplanning, but don’t let anyone tell you it’s flat out impossible. Sometimes we have to also hold ourselves accountable, and there’s nothing like having it in writing to spur that on, so here it is- my list.

A goal is a personal promise to your future self…

* 🏡Owning my own home: For years, I wasn’t sure this was one of my goals, my mom has always rented and I suspected this would always be the case for me as well. But, when I moved to England for the 2nd time, I had my own place, with a back yard and the feeling of grooming the garden and decorating really bit me like a bug. This is when my desire to own my own home began. I definitely know I am very late to the party and that given the current housing climate, along with the fact that I am a single parent makes it harder for me. But it’s not unachievable and I have already began taking major steps towards my goal and though I haven’t begun the steps toward looking for a home, I am proud of where I am at.

* 🏞Living outside of the city: One of the things the pandemic really brought home to me was the deep desire to get away from the rat race or at least reduce the pressure. I’m sure I am not alone in this, people do not want to be living merely to live. We want to leave an impact or at least be living fulfilled lives with autonomy. For me, I have always wanted to live somewhat in the countryside, near nature with water nearby. My dream is to be self-sufficient and as eco friendly as possible. Not necessarily 100% living off the soil, but in some small way. My father was a mason and my grandmothers on both sides were farmers, so I don’t know if it’s in my DNA, but I have a deep desire to go back to basics in some ways. If I’m going to go all out in details, I’d love to live in a home I’ve somewhat built with my own hands, ( let’s face it- I know I’ll need a professional ), have land where I can grow my own food(s) and have chickens, ducks and alpacas 🦙, nothing too major, but a nice simple life.

* 🔐Financial Security: I’ve touched on this before in previous posts, regarding having more financial security and its importance to me, especially as a single parent. This is an important enough goal to me, that I wanted to mention it again because it’s very much front of mind for me. I am actively working on building up my savings and having a fall back, reducing debt and paying for everything in cash and not having many things owed to too many institutions. Working on improving my credit score and maintaining it, which I am proud to say that I have done and I am actively working on keeping this as my standard.

* ✈️ Travel more: I have always loved travelling and exploring new places and on the back of our epic family trip of England, Scotland, France and Belgium, it came to a grinding halt with Covid. So my wanderlust vibes have been on high alert because I haven’t been able to explore and travel as I’m typically used to. As everything is costing so much more it feels a little unappealing but I also think it needs to be a priority. I still love the idea of visiting Hawaii, Iceland, Greece, Costa Rica and the list definitely goes on. I feel like the hippie in me is urging me to buy a campervan and drive around the country.

* 💖Find love again: I’m blushing as I write this, because it might be a little bit embarrassing to say out loud, but I would genuinely love to feel love again. I think we can agree, everyone deserves to feel, share and have love. Connection is part of the human experience and having someone who loves you unconditionally, supports your dreams and also thinks you’re beautiful at your messiest, isn’t that what it’s all about? So yes, I am optimistically excited about the idea of finding love again, because well…I guess in some ways I am a hopeless romantic, hopefully not foolishly so.

* ✍🏾Become a published author: Ok, this one is a goal I have never really vocalized to many. But if you were to ask me, “what would you do if fear was non existent and money wasn’t an object?”- then my reply would be to become a writer. It’s something I have always enjoyed and would do it in quiet and never really shared my work, but blogging opened that world up more to me. I want to do more with it, I want to be less shy about my art and I want to see how far I can take it. I would love to release a book of my poetry and at least a handful of works of fiction. So there you have it, I’ve said it out loud now.

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