I Think I Might Love You

Pump the breaks they’ll say,
Slow down, what’s the actual rush?
Keep it to yourself for a little while longer,
But it has been bubbling on my tongue
Festering in the back of my mind,
Compressing my chest,
Accelerating my heart rate since the moment I met you,
I think I might love you,
I’ve said it.
Put pen to paper and noted it.
You can take it as an embrace or panic and shy away,
I get it.
It’s far too soon they’ll say,
You haven’t known him long enough,
How can you be so sure?
Slow down, don’t rebound,
But no matter how hard I try,
My mind wanders over to you,
The sound of you laughter echos in my mind,
Your touch alerts all of my senses,
Your kisses makes my heart burst at the seems,
A love like this I have never felt,
A connection so deep and instant,
Words have abandoned me,
But the long and short of it is,
I think I might love you,
May 2022

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