Why I Am Retiring My Heart

Heartache is a part of life. We all know this, it can be so painful it can feel debilitating. Sometimes that heartbreak can help to lead us to a new path or beginning, but at it’s worst it can feel like you will never get past it. So this week on the blog I share why I will be shelving my heart away for the time being and why.

My wall is now 30 feet high, 2 feet thick and rigged with explosives. Good luck to anyone trying to tear that one down.

No response, is a response. It’s a powerful one. Remember that.

EDIT: I think it’s only fair to add that I began this blog post about 1.5 months ago and was in a completely different headspace at the time. While I don’t entirely feel the same way, I am still sticking to keeping my heart unreadable for the moment. I need to be selfish in this case and I won’t apologize for it. Access to that part of me is VIPs only and in this case, no one is worthy so I won’t invest the time and I will work on the things which bring me joy and will push my finances to a higher level. My/Our business Maple & Nutmeg Candles and Co is my focus and if anyone wants to take some of my time, they will have to work hard for it. And I mean triple diamond levels of hard and I am at peace with that.

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