Melancholic & Unfeeling

There’s a quiet loneliness I feel,
The slow, calm numbing,
The one that eats away at you,
I don’t tend to notice it at first,
Then you feel the sudden pang,
When images of couples come across your gaze,
You don’t have that,
You may never have that,
You have given your heart one too many times,
It is now tattered and forlorn,
A step away from being lifeless,
Void of feeling,
But already melancholic and unfeeling,
You are not usually a pessimist,
But mistreatment has left you abused and limp,
Gazing at the world through suspicious eyes,
Unsure you want to step your heart into the game again,
So you remain along the edges of what seems to be out of reach for you,
Contemplating if you will ever be an active participant again,
Melancholic and unfeeling you remain
July 2022- R1

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