Words Unspoken

You didn’t say what you wanted,
And I didn’t wait around,
Your silence was an indication of words you couldn’t vocalise,
I was impatient for their exit, so I took mine,
Now, weeks and unanswered texts later,
You awake from your slumber,
Disappointed with the news that I am no longer patiently waiting,
But instead of thinking back to your words unspoken,
You catch up to me upset that I have chosen to move on,
The spiral of unexpressed emotions and missed opportunities,
Has hit you in the chest,
Yet you throw words at me as if I have been untrue or deceitful,
When in fact it appears as though our communication was skewed,
Perhaps doomed from the start, we may never know,
Because of the words unspoken,
October 2022- R1

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