Miss The Thought

I miss the thoughts you made me feel,
The rush of blood to the head,
The giggles and youthful thrill,
I miss the person I thought you were,
Open, communicative and mature,
Always willing and ready to listen and share without judgement,
I miss the feel of you in a warm embrace,
Strong, sturdy and enveloping,
Your hand caressing my back,
I miss our deep, philosophical conversations,
Thought-provoking, challenging, but full of love,
Looking through family photos, knowing you don’t show these to just anyone,
I miss laying on your chest and feeling safe,
Shielded, protected and cared for,
Never imagining you would go back on your word,
I miss the man I fell for,
Instead I am left looking through old texts and wondering if it was all a lie.
Aug 2022- R1

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