I Adore You

I genuinely hate to admit this,
The tough exterior of my heart,
Begins to push back against the melt,
I can’t help but adore you,
All that you are,
Your brooding intensity,
Your quiet loneliness,
Your deep desire to be better,
Your passion,
I adore you,
I can’t help the allure,
The push and pull,
The palpitation of my heart when I hear your voice,
The light giggle which escape your throat,
The one I kissed so deeply that night,
I adore you,
And if it means our love has to take a detour,
Following an unconventional path,
Riding a rough wave in order for us to find each other,
Deeper and more honest in love,
Then, I will hold on tighter,
Because I adore you.
Nov 2022- R1

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