Does true love exist?
The kind we fantasize about in the movies,
The deep, guttural take your breath away moments,
The ones that swept you off your feet and leave you staggering,
Do people really declare their love in such deeply dramatic ways?
Or are we simply caught up in the cinematography of it all,
Remembering little moments, like the scent of the air,
And the cool gust of wind which flowed through the hairs on your arm,
Does love exist like that?
Commitment through to the end?
Steadfast and steady, rocky but never shifting at its base?
Is that the kind we’re all looking for?
But where can I find it, through the fickle encounters,
And charlatans who only want to claim you but put in none of the effort,
So does love really exist, outside of merely selling a fantasy?
Rigidity and loneliness building like a sky scraper on the skyline,
Can love ever show itself as my heart desires or merits?
Feb 2023- R1

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