Red Balloon

I keep squeezing my grip,
Like a red balloon on a windy day,
Fearing if I let you go, I will never see you again,
But though it pains me,
I cannot keep holding on for an ending which will never come,
A love you will never show to me
I realize you don’t value me enough to stop damaging my heart,
You keep me on a string, close enough to pull me back in,
Yet far enough that I’ll never fully truly be privy to your heart,
Speaking of a love you apparently possess,
Yet not a single gesture or outstretched hand to make your way back to me,
So, I open my hands and let it go,
Gone with the breeze and the promises you never kept,
Floating up, up and away,
Like the remnants of my heart…
Nov 2022- R1

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