Why I Will Never Beg For Attention

Dating is complicated as is, all of the ways in which you can digitally reach out to someone and attempt to pursue them, but in other ways this is also a block in people being genuine in their intentions because they may feel they always have another option. That being said, on this week’s blog post, I discuss the reasons, I will NOT be begging or chasing someone for their attention, read along and let me know if you have another perspective.

If They Want To…They Will

You’ve probably hear this all before and in no way am I breaking the mold or even stating something we didn’t already know, but the fact still remains. If someone wants to do something….they 100% will do it. Be that to talk to you, to see you or to pursue you. Especially if they are genuine about their intentions, they won’t let something come in the way of letting you fully know their intentions. So, if you find yourself confused or very much scratching your head about whether or not someone is interested in you, the answer is just that- they are not, or they have other options and they’re testing that out. In my actual experience, they always come back; full disclosure, in the last couple of months I was re-contacted by about 3-4 ghosts. And though I never dug deeper to find out their reasons, I’m pretty sure they faded, tried others and then realized they wanted or preferred ( ? ) my conversation or company in some way, but the answer will always be a no. At this point, I feel like I give people way too much of the benefit of the doubt and in some ways I can’t help it, but if you had a chance with me, I let you into my world in some slither of a way. And your choice of action was to ghost and not speak your true, honest feelings, then you’re not someone I want to be with. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am seeking an emotionally mature individual, ghosting isn’t that.

“Actions will always prove why words mean nothing.”

I’m That Girl…

NGL this may come across like I have an inflated ego, but the fact of the matter is, I fully know what I offer. I am a great person, and a wonderful lover ( IYKYK ) and partner; I mean this sincerely. If I can’t speak it for myself, then realistically who will speak it for me? Since I am holding myself accountable, I had already said for 2023 I was stepping into my truth and this is it. I. Am. That. Girl. Cue the Queen B song. So, if you don’t want me, or you don’t want to be a consistent person in my life, if you don’t want to step up to capture my attention and to actually be making any form of effort, then I will simply walk away. It may be disappointing, but it’s no loss to me. The right person, will make the time and the right person will never leave you guessing. It doesn’t have to be complicated, we add the complication- this is one thing I won’t be adding to my ever long list of things I already take care of. I don’t need to add a potential lover to this list. We’re too grown for confusion or grey areas.

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