Your lips,
Caught my attention when we first met,
Two perfectly formed mounds made just for kissing,
As your tongue slowly glides across your bottom lip,
I imagine my fingers reaching across,
Tracing its shape,
Wondering what it would taste like on mine,
Soft, supple and welcoming,
Biting mine with precision and passion,
Moving its way around with ease,
Your hands on my neck, your tongue, your body,
All take part in a dance of my undoing,
Like you know my triggers,
Smoothly, slowly and yet assured,
Your lips part and tease me with your tongue,
I didn’t know yearning till I tasted it from your mouth,
Peeling back layers of hidden sensations,
As they explore and bare your teeth,
A sound catches in my throat,
All because of,
Your lips,
Jan 2023- R1

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