Glass Heart

I have a gift for you,
I have given it much thought,
To find a way to show to you,
Just how much I feel about you,
This gift isn’t one you can find in a store,
Yet it took me some time to gather and collect,
Parts of it, dented and possibly bruised,
I am handing over my glass heart,
Trying to not let life pass me because of fear.
As I hand it over,
I tuck the usual worry, off to the side,
Take a deep breath and give in to the feeling of the moment,
I trust you will treat it with care and understanding,
It is not a gift I give easily,
I am usually guarded and coy,
But, I am choosing to take this leap of faith,
From time to time, I may slip back into my old habits,
But, if you stay the course and hold this gift with both hands,
I promise it will be worth the wait,
Because once my heart is taken,
I will be loyal to you, like no other love,
This gift to you…is that of my glass heart…
Feb 2023- R1

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