Scared, But Diving In

Despite the fear of crashing and burning,
I am always willing to take a deep breath and dive in,
Life is about taking chances,
Risks vs reward,
I have never wanted to wonder what if,
This was the difference between the two of us,
You were all words, and no action,
I took the leap and you let my hand go at the summit,
As I crashed to the bottom,
Though disappointed and alone,
I realized that you weren’t my person,
And I wouldn’t be looking back,
So, I’m here again,
Feelings bubbling on the surface,
Walking up to the summit of my feelings,
I reach my hand out once again,
Lungs filled up with fresh air,
My mind clear,
This time more assured,
Because if the stars don’t align and it doesn’t work out,
I always have myself,
Scared, but I will inevitably dive in for you….
April 2023

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