I found your sweater,
Casually draped over the chair,
Its lilac colour instantly catching me eye,
Met with an equal amount of disappointment for you that you had mistakenly left it behind,
But also with joy, because I knew I would slip it on,
I dive my face into the fabric and take in your scent,
Your body was up against it,
You carried it around, pulled it off too…
I step out of the shower and slip your sweater over my body,
Your smell wafts up to my nose and I am immediately relaxed,
Wishing I was in your arms, but the sweater will do for now,
I grin to myself, because I couldn’t wait for the moment where I wear something of yours,
And this presented itself, almost like you knew I needed it,
I wear it for as long as I could muster before having to give it a wash,
Where it will lose your smell, till you put it back on again,
All the while, I snuggle up against your sweater and smile.
April 2023

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