Today could not have been more perfect or blissful,
I let you in to a side of me, I would have kept firmly shut,
You took the opening and handled me with such care,
You listened, you caressed me,
You left a trail of kisses,
You included me in your world,
Doing nothing with you felt safe,
Sitting and talking about life, love, family, dreams,
Holding your hand, stroking your face,
Looking deeply in your eyes,
Kissing those lips,
You left me satisfied,
Today…was magical in a way I never predicted,
Where every love song is about you,
Randomly smiling when I think of you,
Looking out at the golden sunset, wishing I was watching it with you,
I close my eyes and just feel it all,
It all feels so good,
It feels right,
It feels solid,
Today felt wonderful because I stepped out of my head,
And remained in the moment,
Oh, to share many more moments with you…
Like today.
April 2023

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