Neveah’s QnA

If you don't know already, kids can be HILARIOUS and completely filter-less. Trust me, the level of shade I have encountered from my daughter, it's a wonder I'm not permanently scarred! That being said, we thought it would be entertaining to ask this outspoken spitfire some questions and see what answers we are met with.… Continue reading Neveah’s QnA


I’m Not Okay

How are you?, you ask "Okay". I reply with a smile. All the while, I shout internally I'm not ok! You accept this answer and carry on by A stitch in my heart rips further apart As you walk away convinced by my reply A small tear runs down my face as yet another part… Continue reading I’m Not Okay


A Canadian’s 🇨🇦 Guide To British 🇬🇧 English

If you didn't already know it- I'll drop a bombshell...I'm Canadian 🇨🇦. There, I said it and we can all bask in the wonder of how great that is. And yes, it is great. Moving along! I have lived in the UK for 5+ years and counting (ignoring the 6 years I moved back to… Continue reading A Canadian’s 🇨🇦 Guide To British 🇬🇧 English

Book Review

Book Review: On The Come Up

Ok, let me fan girl for a sec...I legit got to MEET Angie Thomas...like meet, she saw my face...and well, I made her laugh. Moving on! Last year, after reading The Hate You Give, it stirred something in me and I think it did the same for many people. Upon finding out that Angie Thomas… Continue reading Book Review: On The Come Up


To Know Love

What a feeling it is, The comfort and reassurance, To know that without fail, They've got you. And you've got them. How engulfing it is, To know that no matter the problem, Their love with never waiver, To close your eyes and be reassured their love lingers, Deep, assured and unending Warm, steady and breathtaking… Continue reading To Know Love

Personal Experiences

How R2 Will Live 2019 With Intention

Oh my! Who knew that it would be so difficult for a person to talk about themselves...let alone come up with a plan for their year. Oh wait! That's life. I wish that I could tell you that I had a laid out plan of my intentions for the year. My goals, my reality and… Continue reading How R2 Will Live 2019 With Intention