Personal Experiences

My Journey Back To Me…

I begin this blog post, not as a congratulation or even as a signpost to mark where I am at, but more as a push for me to examine and motivate myself that I am still here and still persevering. Especially when it often feels like I am drowning in a sea of uncertainty and… Continue reading My Journey Back To Me…



Did I really like you or was it the attention you provided? Was I searching for validation or to be seen? Was it because you made me feel special, wanted, visible? Did I really like you or was the thrill of the chase that ignited something in me? Awoken to myself outside of mother or… Continue reading Attention

RnR Interviews

RnR Interview: Momma Bear

It's a shame that the written word can sometimes be misunderstood or that words can be interactive because this interview was a hoot! It comes across like it was a simple process of asking questions and getting replies, but the truth is that we spent most of this time in fits of giggles and shedding… Continue reading RnR Interview: Momma Bear


Life, Wide Shut

Close your eyes. Really close your eyes. What do you see? What thoughts are running through your head? Did you send that email? Did you hang the washing? Close your eyes. Really close your eyes. What have you lost? What have you cut off? What paths that you chose brought you here? What paths were… Continue reading Life, Wide Shut

Family Feature

In Her Eyes: Chapter 17 & 18

Chapter 17 We were afforded about three full months of bliss before the first test to our relationship came and this time it was from someone neither of us expected. Leelah. As the time passed, I introduced Taryn to Lee, figuring as I'd be helping her out as best I could once the baby arrived,… Continue reading In Her Eyes: Chapter 17 & 18



Vulnerability is an interesting concept, If shown to the right person, It can literally feel like a seed has been planted and flowers coming into full bloom, It creates a connection between two people, Open, free from judgement and fear Yet, vulnerability expressed to the wrong person, Can be used as a weapon, A tool… Continue reading Vulnerable