RnR Interviews

RnR Interview: Rae-Anne

Cue all the cliches and eye rolls, but you also need to STOP the press because let me introduce you to the BEST sister in the entire world...don't come at me with anything else because I won't listen! As it's her birthday month, I figured it was high time we get to know some more… Continue reading RnR Interview: Rae-Anne


Incapable of Love

Often, when I'm alone, I think am I capable of love? The deep, gut-twisting, risk my LIFE for you love, The love without boundaries, restrictions or labels, The non-judgemental love, Open, always present love, Am I capable of love? The random acts of kindness love, the knows you inside and out love The accepting ALL… Continue reading Incapable of Love

Book Review

Our 2019 Book List

Books! Books! Books! If there's one thing we have to talk ourselves out of buying; it is books! The one thing in my repertoire that continues to grow is the books on my bookshelf. I don't think you can ever have too many books, whether it's expanding your knowledge on a topic or it's taking… Continue reading Our 2019 Book List


More Than I Want To Admit…

Reluctantly, I have no choice but to accept that, I need you more than I want to believe, More than I want to admit You have it all together, And only reach out when you're lonely or can spare a few minutes, I drop everything and jump at every crumb you throw my way, More… Continue reading More Than I Want To Admit…

Personal Experiences

How R1 Will Live 2019 With Intention

Before all the flurry of a new year, new attitude begins to fade, I decided I wanted to write down my goals and set clear intentions for how I'd like my 2019 to unfold. I am fully aware that life happens and there are a lot of things out of our control, but what it… Continue reading How R1 Will Live 2019 With Intention



We're all searching for something, Love, affection, acceptance, happiness Some of us declare our search out loud, Others, keep it internal, sheltered like the flame of a candle, It's a shame we're not searching for each other, We look and we look, But we're not in the same place, Both moving at different speeds, Orbiting… Continue reading Searching


How We Chose Our Daughter’s Name

One of the most exciting things about expecting a baby is getting to pick a name! Some people have their names picked out all along and others wait till they set eyes on their baby before settling on a name. For me, I never had specific names in mind, but what I knew for sure… Continue reading How We Chose Our Daughter’s Name