She is so self-conscious,

She doesn’t realize everyone is falling for her smile

Most of her time is spent in the mirror

Taking note of everything that isn’t “perfect”

In her mind, she’s obsolete, someone easily forgotten

She blinks and her world disappears

To one where she’s completely happy with herself

She never becomes intimate if she thinks the opposite of what she stands for

Life has thrown her a bad hand and in all the darkness,

There isn’t anything she can do about it

Until she begins to see her real beauty, she will never begin to accept her outer

It’s a process which takes a lot of growth and self discovery,

I speak of it, because I know

Life throws one lots of shit plays,

But in the end it’s up to us to catch it

And throw something awesome back

We’re all one of a kind,

It just takes time to realize it

May 17th, 2004- R1

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