You are always on my mind,
People say that, but for me, it is 100% true,

As my eyes open in the morning,
I immediately think about you at work,
How did you sleep, are you busy, are you stressed?
Are you thinking of me?

You are always on my mind.

I drive down the road and spot a car I try to remember to tell you about,
I search for markers so that I have a reference point for you,
Listen to the sound of the engine and its colour,
Do you do the same for me?

You are always on my mind,

I want to tell you so much, yet I want to remain a mystery,
Will you like me the same once you know the real me?
How often I cry at people crying,
Or the way I can never do one thing at a time,
Or how I love a cup of tea in the evening,
Are you the same?

The fact that I struggle to say how I really feel for fear of being let down,
Or how I spend my time trying to understand the human condition,
Sad and worried about the inequalities of the world,
Overwhelmed because I feel so helpless,

I look at you and want you to be happy,
Wishing I could take away your pain, your worries,
Or take them as my own,
Would you do the same for me?

Nov 2020- R1

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