2021 Resolutions

2021 Resolutions

Of all the things to be making plans, in the midst of a pandemic, when no one knows if and when life will go back to some sort of normalcy. Saying that, optimism and having something to look forward to, we believe it is very important to keep up our spirits, especially when there is less sun light around this time of year, we need as much positivity as we can get! So despite 2020 having other plans for us and some of our personal and blog goals going a bit off plan, we still wanted to take the time to look ahead at what we would like to do (whenever possible) for the upcoming year! Setting intentions, whether big or small can be really effective, of course it depends on the type of person you are and it may be that by June most of these are forgotten, but that never stops us from setting them! Mostly, because it can be a really useful tool to keep you motivated, but also reaffirm the intentions you want.

R2’s Resolutions

With the world wind that was 2020, I was determined to take a Psychology course that would spark my interests, as well as there to some prerequisites I am trying to check off a box. So I decided to take a course on Motivation & Emotions. And to my surprise, the first topic was on… you guessed it, New Years Resolutions! Much to my surprise, I was told that I need 3 ingredients to achieve and pursue my resolutions: standards, monitoring and strength. 1) If we are not clear about our goals, how can we achieve them? 2) Track it, write it down! It keeps you accountable! And if the written words do not, SOMEONE WILL, because it’s visible. 3) Will power. Will. Power. Huh. Who knew that the amount of determination that we have, along with capacity to exhibit strength in achieving our goals, would be one of the main reasons we do or do not achieve our plans for the year. Who knew it was that simple…When we are not as specific as we should be, this results in our lack of motivation to push ourselves to obtain our goals of keeping with/sticking to our resolutions #lightbulbmoment💡Thank you brain for helping me to see that it was all right in front of me this wwwhhhooollleeee time…Thank you.

  • Stop OverthinkinG THE DECISIONS THAT MEAN THE MOST TO YOU: Ok. This is a REALLY tough one for me. I am by no means a procrastinator…(No offence to any of you out there. I get it, it’s not easy to jump in feet first and do something or make a decision). It’s just that I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and very often I would like things to be clear cut. Clean-ish lines and dotted i’s and crossed t’s, but that isn’t life. Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Leap when you know that you have set things up as best as you can, and it’s time to just go for it. So here’s to letting go and just going for it!
  • Ask For HelP WHEN NEEDED: YIKES! The #missindependent in me is not too big a fan of the classic teamwork/rely on the fully unquestioning help of others. I don’t want to burden you. I don’t want you to get frustrated with me, when I can’t catch on to what you are telling me, as quickly and as passionately as you are sharing it. I’m visual what can I say!? I take my time and I try my hardest to do it right the first time, because I do NOT plan on doing it again…Letting go of the old and accepting the fact that there are a variety of people in your life, who are better at certain tasks than you are, and they WILL and are WILLING to help you, no questions asked…it’s still difficult to wrap my head around, but I need to get a move on and just say, “yes”.
  • Communicate better WIth those around me: Whether that be with my friends, loved ones etc. It’s so easy to tell myself that my communication skills are on point, until I have to express myself or explain something and its all confusing to that person. I know what I want to say. I know what I mean. But you are not in my head. And if I want you to understand me and for me to understand YOU, my communication skills need to be upgraded. I can’t tell you more about me, if I’m not reaching out and developing on my abilities to do so. They say communication is the key to any successful relationship. In order for this to work, I plan on communicating my intentions better 😉

R1’s Resolutions

Resolutions for me, aren’t law and they aren’t something I let completely dictate my life, but I like to make them so that I have a sort of target of things I would like to do and I like the feeling of knowing I am on track or have checked some things off of them. I don’t tend to choose anything which adds too much stress on my life, because well it goes against the life I would like to live. 2020 was a super wild year, there was a collective uncertainty and stress, but for me I was really able to create the mental and physical space I wanted and needed. This is definitely the track I would like 2021 to take on, I have very little interest in being as stressed out and ran off my feet as I was before. I want to enjoy the life I have, but at my core- I just want to be happy. It’s corny as hell, I know, but it’s genuinely the truth. The past 2 years have been so turbulent and emotionally draining, I don’t want to return there. And while sometimes I wonder if I was dealing with a form of whiplash over it all, I am genuinely going into 2021 with the YOLO vibe. 2020 showed us that we can and will adapt, we are resilient and if it’s not something you can control…let it go.

  • Be a tourist in my city/province: I know a lot of people are bursting to be on the 1st flight out, as soon as it’s safe to do so, and I can be included in that group too. But one of the main reasons I was so excited to move back to Montreal, my home city, was to get to know it more. Because of quarantine and not having the option to travel further afield, I took the opportunity to get to know and see a lot of the outdoor parks and nature reserves the city and surrounding area has to offer. Not only because it’s one of my favourite things to photograph, but also because you can never get tired of the view and of all the hidden gems!
  • Say “YES” to more things: If you know me, you know I’m a spontaneous planner. I love to do most things, but I like to know I’m going to do it, I like having things to look forward to; it makes time go by quicker. For a long time, I said “no” to a lot of things because I didn’t have someone to do it with or just because I simply got in a rut. No more. I want to say “yes” to more things. Do more things. This is linked to the previous point, but it deserves it’s own spot, but it’s not just linked to travel. This year(2020), I said “yes” to having coffee with someone (something I probably would have made endless excuses not to do) and I have to say that the past 6 months have been a wonderful revelation. So hell yeah, I’ll be saying yes(!) much, much more.

  • Bungee Jump: Yes, you read that correctly; the girl who is scared of heights wants to bungee jump. They say to do things that scare you, and this is definitely one of them. I have had this at the back of my mind to do for a long time and I feel like with the year 2020 threw us- it’s the right time. Yolo.
  • photography: I feel like every year I post something in regards to my photography, but this time it’s not regarding posting more, it’s about trying to find a way to do more with my photography. I feel like I will always kind of be shy about it, but I want to either print and display my proudest shots around the house or sell them as stock images because they’re literally sitting on my laptop doing nothing, and it’s starting to get to me. Essentially, I want to be much more proactive with my photographs.
  • be more zen: This year, I was really able to tap into living some of the life that I want to, yes travel was limited and activities as well, but internally I was able to get to know myself much more. I had more opportunities to simply be, in the still of my house once my daughter went to sleep and really ask myself some deep questions. One of the things I want to carry further into 2021 is to just let go of the things I cannot control. I know it’s a hard task for someone like me who likes to have some sort of plan and also as a single parent I can’t necessarily afford to ignore things, but I want to be able to release some of the pressures and know that in some way, it will work itself out. Trying to not let it consume my thoughts and impact my mood, which is very hard to do.

Although, we have some more quietly, personal resolutions- these are our main ones: I know overall, we want to focus on the smaller things in life, practice gratitude and to be in the moment more. In 2020, a lot of things were out of our hands, but we were able to cope by reminding ourselves of what we do have and that’s each other.

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